The Stella Artois Sensorium Dining Experience

In what proved to be quite the multi-sensational evening, Stella Artois hosted an intimate dinner at a private residence in in Gordon's Bay, Sydney. The menu was curated by Melbourne's very own Shannon Bennett from Vue de Monde. Each course was intentionally set to take you on a journey of the senses, showcasing the versatility of Stella Artois and its ability to compliment a wide variety of flavours. 

The event proved to be a hit and played host to a wide range of media and celebrities, most notable of which was Pirates of the Carribean star, Zoe Ventoura as well as actors Michael Dorman and Tim Ross. 

The custom designed bar was equally as enthralling, I never knew there could be so many intricacies when it came to pouring a beer! the 600 years of brewing expertise behind the brand was well and truly on display as the bartenders methodically followed the beer's famous 'nine-step pouring ritual.

All of this talk about Stella is making me thirsty... Anyone for a beer?