Melbourne, it's Good to be Home!

After spending my last week in Europe in sun-drenched Italy it was definitely a shock to the system coming back to Melbourne winter in full swing. Unlike most Melbournians I find the chill of winter somewhat comforting, growing up in the hills I think I've become accustomed to the cold and find myself thinking of home whenever I feel the winter chill kick in. So as I say goodbye to my little European getaway and hello to Australian winter it is only fitting to kick off my latest collaboration with Uniqlo by layering up as much as humanly possible! 


This month my collaboration is focusing on the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim range, I picked up a pretty nifty pair of Loakes on sale in London that you may have spied in my previous post and I'm really digging how much they can change an entire outfit. When paired with the jeans they really make the outfit in my opinion, adding to the overall military vibe that the bomber jacket gives off yet with a street-style twist. I threw the cable knit in there to really keep things interesting, the clashing of so many different styles of dress is something I have been really interested in since reading F*ck Ivy by Mark McNairy, which for all you fashionistas out there, is quite the read! 

The Greenhouse Effect

Ever since I was a child I've always had an affinity towards plants, from the moment I could put one foot in front of the other my grandma would take me around her garden, over the years she taught me all the latin names of the plants in her award-winning garden; looking back this was quite a remarkable feat on my behalf, I would have only been about five or six years old at the time. Much to my grandmas delight, my floral fascination did not stop there. My biology major at university heavily featured plant-based subjects and I soon began to discover this new found appreciation for our leafy counterparts - I mean if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here now! 

Ever since watching a David Attenborough documentary about the secret life of plants, I've wanted to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in London and luckily for me I just so happened to get the chance not only to experience the gardens in all their glory, but I was also able to capture some content there to share with you all as well! 

Lately I have been looking to branch out into different realms of the fashion world rather than solely focusing on suiting. I have been heavily influenced by the safari aesthetic as of late and have been drawing quite a lot of inspiration from around the globe, however it was definitely Pitti that put safari back on the map. The relaxed approach to tailoring and the light neutral tones were a massive draw card for me and it was refreshing to venture away from my usual colour pallet. I hope you all enjoy my David Attenborough/safari inspired looks, and do let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Look 1: 

  • Jacket: RM Williams 
  • Shirt: Samsoe Samsoe
  • Pants: RM Williams
  • Shoes: Loake 
  • Sunglasses: Oblyk 

Look 2: 

  • Shirt: R.M. Williams
  • Pants: Scotch & Soda 
  • Shoes: R.M. Williams 
  • Sunglasses: Pacifico Optical 

Look 3: 

  • Shirt: Citizen Wolf
  • Pants: Scotch & Soda 
  • Shoes: Birkenstock 
  • Sunglasses: Oblyk 
  • Leather sunglasses cord: Pacifico Optical 

Shot by Annie Kind

Pitti Uomo 92 Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe that it's been over a month and a half since I attended Pitti Uomo 92 and nearly three months since I first left Australia, talk about how time flies! 

I'll keep this one short and sweet as this post is well and truly dated, but here is a series of snaps from my few days at Pitti Uomo. Yes, there may not be as many photos as I would have liked, but hey, you live and you learn! Next year I'll definitely be bringing over a dedicated photographer so it should be a different story all together. A big thanks to Carl Nave and Brooks Brothers who both went over and above the call of duty to dress me for the event and made me feel like a million dollars (and a million degrees, damn it was hot) and a big thank you to Peroni, GQ, and Montblanc for the event invitations too, you both made Pitti all the more memorable!

Day 1 - Brooks Brothers

Day 2 - Carl Nave


Day 3 - Carl Nave

Day 4 - Brooks Brothers 

Kensington Caffeine Fix | Uniqlo

First off, I know it may seem odd to wear a jumper in the middle of Summer in Australia, but London isn't exactly known for its scorching summers like us Aussies are used to. I mean, it's literally classified as a heatwave if it's over 24 degrees two days in a row over here. How cute.

Luckily for me, I knew this would be the case, and just like any Australian would, I packed a pretty solid winter wardrobe just to be on the safe side. Doubly lucky because this months collaboration with Uniqlo focused on their HEATTECH collection, a winter essential that proved to be just as at home in British summer as Australian winter. When you're packing for a three month holiday abroad and have one medium sized suitcase, every item is thoughtfully packed; the last thing you want is to pack something that you wont wear, like the Hawaiian shirt I decided to bring along. Unlike the Hawaiian shirt, the sweater and long sleeve tee from the HEATTECH range that I packed most definitely earned their place in my suitcase a thousand times over. The former of which kept me nice and toasty whilst enjoying my morning coffee and walk around Kensington. 

Look 1: Shirt | HEATTECH Sweater | Chinos | Sunglasses | Ring

The real winner though is the long sleeve tee, perfect for lounging around and equally at home out and about. The HEATTECH fabric captures body moisture and converts it into heat keeping you warm all day round, something that my other half quickly realised. Fortunately I managed to pries it off her for the shoot below, although I doubt she will let it out of her sight again.  

Look 2: Vest | HEATTECH Tee | Chinos | Watch 

Although it may not be up there for balmy weather, London definitely trumps Melbourne when it comes to their rich history and amazing architecture, something which I will definitely miss upon returning home. Unfortunately my little foray overseas is coming to an end and I'll be heading back to Australia within the next few weeks. Although it will be a big reality check coming back to the land of Aus, I couldn't be more excited to get home. There's some exciting collaborations coming up in the next few months which should make the latter half of 2017 bigger and better than ever so stay tuned! 

This was a sponsored collaboration between M.O.S and Uniqlo AU shot by Rupert Laycock on his Cannon MKIV. 

Shoreditch Shenanigans

I do apologise for the lengthy delays between blog posts as of late, I guess I've been focusing my attention on other aspects of life and work and - very intentionally - let the blogging side of things grind to a halt. After a much needed break from the blogosphere for the past few months whilst I've been over in London I'm back at it and have quite a bit of content ready to throw up over the next few weeks! 

First up is a little series that I shot with London-based photographer Hannah, from Photography by Miles. Whilst trawling Instagram looking for some inspiration for cool London shoot locations, I managed to stumble across her feed, within 30 seconds I had already dropped her a line and we met up and shot the content below around Shoreditch, one of Londons hippest areas.

As it's been a while since I've actually done a test shoot where the focus is on the individual rather than than the clothes, we kept it super simple on the styling. Just a plain tee, denim and of course, one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses (if I didn't wear them I would have been squinting pretty badly compliments of the lack of melanin in my eyes, cheers genetics!). 

The last few weeks have been pretty epic on the content creation front, so stay tuned for my Acqua de Parma social campaign and Pitti Uomo wrap-up as well as collabs with Casio and Uniqlo! 

What I'm wearing: 

Autumn Layers // ft. Uniqlo

With the cooler weather finally rolling in over Melbourne, we can finally look at getting into some serious layering - and boy am I looking forward to it! Well... For the few days I have left in Aus before I head over to London that is. 

Look 1: Duffle | Vest | Turtleneck | Jeans | Shoes 

Look 1: Duffle | Vest | Turtleneck | Jeans | Shoes 

For the first look I went for a 'classic Sam' vibe, something you would definitely see me wearing a whole lot over the winter months. I'm a big fan of mixing my Autumn tones with winter blues and to be honest, I wear them year round regardless of the seasons. #rebel

This second look is definitely more avant-garde compared to what I usually wear, but I always make a point of trying new things and pairing together clothing that I may not usually think to put together and wear personally. It's always fun to experiment in the wardrobe. 

The key pieces of both of these looks for me are the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down vests, again, something I would have never really looked into layering with, I've always seen the puffer vest as an outer layer kind of garment, so playing around with throwing it under a parka in the first look was most enjoyable. Then with the second look, a grey puffer to me looked like something out of Star Trek and 100% would be something that not even 6 months ago I would have walked straight past without a second glance yet when layered with this monochromatic look it really is the cherry on top. Isn't it funny how your personal taste in fashion can constantly change yet still feel inherently you? 

This Post was a collaboration between M.O.S and Uniqlo AU and was shot by Jake O'Donnell and his Nikon D7200. 

Aquila Street Style Series Pt. 2

As promised, here is the second part of the Aquila street style series featuring three more key looks from their latest AW16 range. 

Look 1: Green With Envy

I have to be straight up honest with this one, I've never really been a big fan of rocking a green blazer up top, but when paired back with some navy chino and a bold check shirt I start to like what I see! I've paired it up with some glasses that don't actually help me read, but definitely make me look at least ten times smarter - even if I can't read the paper with them on. 

Blazer | Chinos | Shirt | Shoes | Bag

Look 2: Checkmate

In my opinion this navy suit is an absolute winner. Crafted from 100% wool, this versatile suit is ready for any occasion. The beauty of a suit such as this is the ability to dress it up, or down. I've opted for the latter pairing it with a button down check shirt, textured grey tie and double monks. No socks? No worries! Showing skin is an easy way to dress down a look, giving it a fresh, Italian look. Bear in mind though, if you want to keep your shoes (and feet) from becoming overly fragrant, it's probably in your best interest to throw a pair of no-show socks on to complete the look. I'm sure whoever you live with will thank you! 

Suit | Shirt | Tie | Shoes | Watch | Socks

Look 3: Checks Appeal

Keeping in line with the overarching check theme, I've switched it up and ran with the windowpane suit with a plain shirt, fresh. The woven leather shoes paired with the burgundy socks add a nice kick of colour to the overall ensemble and does a good job of keeping things interesting. 

Suit | Shirt | Pocket Square | Shoes | Watch | Bag

This style series was shot by none other than Karen Woo and was shot in collaboration with Aquila.

Aquila Street Style Series Pt. 1

With the weather in Melbourne showing no signs of cooling, I took to the streets to shoot some of my key looks from the latest Aquila AW17 range - in 30 degree heat may I add. Sharp, refined and no-nonsense tailoring once again dominates Aqulia's latest drop and I'll be showcasing 6 of my favourite looks in this two part series. 

Look 1: Casual yet classy 

For the first look, I couldn't go past this delightful cotton blend Chocolate blazer, with chinos to match. Luckily for me this jacket was unlined through the body which was pretty damn handy in the heat! I finished off the look with a clean, crisp white shirt and some fantastic brogued tassel loafers.

Blazer // Chinos // Shirt // Shoes 

Look 2: The casual mix-match

 For AQ17, Aquila's colour pallet couldn't be any more on point. The dark winter hues from the range compliment each other perfectly, making the mixing and matching of key pieces from the range an absolute breeze. Again I paired another cotton blend blazer with chinos but threw in a textured knit sweater to keep things interesting. This second look was definitely not as forgiving as the first in this weather, I mean, they don't call it a sweater for nothing. Coming into winter though, this look will be a go-to.

Jacket // Knit // Chinos // Shoes // Bag 

Look 3: Textured and tonal

Black and grey, the unofficial team colours of essentially everyone who lives in Melbourne. Even though you usually wouldn't catch me dead in black, I couldn't help myself when it came to this look. The weave through the grey blazer really pops when contrasted by the black chinos and textured tie. It's safe to say it definitely gets my tick of approval! 

Jacket // Shirt // Tie // Chinos // Socks // Shoes 

This series was shot by Karen Woo in partnership with Aquila. 

Febuary Fragrance Fix - Azzaro Wanted

The Azzaro Wanted man is youthful and rebellious. He takes chances, trusts his instincts and lives life as he pleases. This charismatic gentleman is wanted by women and envied by men, he is free-spirited and lives life on his own terms - a game changer. He boldly takes risks with complete confidence and dares to be different... Are you an Azzaro man? 

When I first unpackaged this fragrance and noted the rotating cylinder bottle, I knew that Azzaro Wanted was going to be a bold scent. Although the fragrance definitely does pack a punch, it is surprisingly fresh and zesty at first, and then notes of lemon, tonka bean and juniper collide to give it a refreshing kick. After a while, the tang of the lemon settles down making way for a much more warm woody-amber like trail. The evolution of this scent over time is what really stands out for me and I feel that it is a perfect summer fragrance. It definitely deserves its spot on my fragrance shelf. 

If you are interested in trying this fragrance out yourself, it's available in store in both Myer and David Jones.


What I'm wearing: 

Imagery shot by Karen Woo, this was a sponsored post in collaboration with Max Media Lab. 

All-American Tailoring // ft. Brooks Brothers

As you all would know by now, I'm big on both my preppy American attire and my MTM suiting. So when Brooks Brothers tailoring hit the shores of Australia back in November last year you can bet your bottom dollar that I was one of the first to get in on the action! After much deliberation with the head tailor, we decided to go for a timeless classic - the brown linen suit.  


As you can see above, they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The linen is still quite stiff and will have to be worn in a few more times before it gets that classic linen suiting feel, but nevertheless it still looks and feels amazing on. To keep that traditional American tailoring feel to it all, I threw on a classic Brooks Brothers striped oxford with a navy tie and braces, channeling some serious mid 19th century vibes. 

Although brown suiting isn't prevalent in recent times, especially in Australia, this traditional Ivy League style of suiting truly does stand the test of time. Many may scoff and say that it's too retro or is your classic middle management kind of suit, but brown suiting isn't as limiting as some may believe. In fact, a brown suit can be worn in essentially the same way as your stock standard navy suit. For those less inclined to the preparatory style of dress, you could just as easily opt for a crisp white shirt and some light tan brogues and you're on your way!  

Feeling like the brown hues just aren't for you? Not to worry! The benefit of the Brooks Brothers MTM is that almost every fabric imaginable is on hand. It took me over 2 hours to flick through their fabric samples from the myriad of fabric heavyweights before deciding on this brown linen number. So, I can guarantee that there is something for everyone, should you decide to test out the new Brooks Brothers MTM service. 

What I'm wearing: