Uniqlo U Pt. 1 // Where Function Meets Design

Clean cut lines and simple yet striking silhouettes dominate the latest Uniqlo U capsule. This latest collection truly is basics done better.  The Uniqlo U range was designed at the Paris R&D headquarters and the project was headed by none other than Christophe Lemaire. 

Each and every minute detail has been taken into consideration during the production process. This meticulous attention to detail can truly be seen in each of the key items in the Uniqlo U range. 

Since there was too many key items for me to cover with two looks, I've broken the Uniqlo U blog post up into two seperate parts with two looks each (expect the second to drop sometime next week). First up we have a classic, cotton broadcloth shirt teamed with a pair of pleated pants. 

Look 1 - what I'm wearing: 

From the moment you put on one one of the Uniqlo U garments, you can tell that it has been made from quality fabrics and engineered for maximum comfort, the chinos also feel super durable and like they would last a damn lifetime. 

Look 2 - what I'm wearing: 

Second up is a modern take on the classic rugby jumper, with dropped shoulder seams for a more relaxed look; paired up with a navy parka. I know it's coming into Summer here in Australia but the Melbourne weather is notorious for misbehaving, so a decent parka is somewhat essential regardless of the time of year! With its super minimalist clean lines and high collar, it's sure to keep Melbourne's cold winds at bay. 

Look 1 shot by Shaun Birley on my Fujifilm XT-1 and Look 2 shot by Jake O'Donnell with his Nikon D7200.