VAMFF 2016 // My Looks

Between shooting three campaigns, walking in two runways and way too many late nights out partying, it's fair to say last definitely got the better of me... Nonetheless it was a fantastic experience and I was absolutely wrapped to be a part of it all. After missing out on walking last year and missing the castings for GQ and Chadstone due to other work, I was super stoked to be picked to walk in both of these runways. Check out my outfits below! 

GQ Runway 

Look 1 - Calibre 

For this look, Calibre went for simple, clean and sophisticated. With Navy Slacks from their latest collection coupled with a navy and black colour blocked statement shirt. A perfect look for a night out on the town or that dinner date you have coming up this week. 

Look 2 - Dom Bagnato 

This is the second time I've walked in Dom, and both times I've worn a 3-piece suit. It's almost like he knows how much I love them! This suit featured a micro-dot pattern that gives it a rich, textural look when you are up close and personal with the fabric. It's been paired with a Mulberry shirt and pink paisley tie which compliment each other perfectly and bring together the outfit as a whole. 

Look 3 - Aquila 

Lucky last was my favourite look from the show and also the opening look for Aquila. This tonal look features a plum stretch cotton blazer and chinos along with a lighter eggplant coloured shirt. This outfit makes just enough of a statement without being overly loud and is definitely up there on my suiting wish list that's for sure!

Imagery captured by Colin Gold from TheTrendspotter and Lucas Dawson Photography

Chadstone AW16 Runway 

After originally having my hold released to being picked up last minute to walk, the Chadstone show was pretty hectic from the beginning. After only getting to rehearse one walk, I had to run off to shoot a two day campaign. This meant no dress rehearsal or anything! Luckily, I managed to wing it and everything turned out just fine. 

Look 1 - Country Road 

My first look was from none other that Country Road and featured more layers than I had imagined was physically possible. Yet, somehow, my dresser and I managed to pull it off. The darker colour pallet is perfect for AW and the greens and blues in the outfit compliment one another perfectly. 

Look 2 - M.J. Bale 

Well well, if it isn't one of my favourite suiting brands coming through with the goods! This green suit is a blend of merino wool, silk and linen which gives it a real unique texture. It's also half lined which gives it a slimmer silhouette even with the two layers underneath. The turtleneck under the shirt may seem quite odd to us Australians, however it's a pretty common European look and one that I wouldnt mind seeing a bit more of in the coming months! 

Chadstone imagery captured by Robert Anthony from TheTrendspotter

Well that's all from VAMFF this year, stay tuned as I have a lot of cool content coming up soon with some awesome brands! Enjoy your weekend folks!

 - Sam