⚓Preppy Autumn/Winter Essentials ⚓ // GANT

After a super warm start to the year things are starting to finally cool down in Melbourne (hopefully) meaning its time to move into some warmer clothing. Earlier this month I teamed up with the preppy powerhouse that is GANT to bring you three of my AW preppy essentials! 

Look 1 - The Essential Puffer 

First up, the trusty puffer vest. Due to its sheer versatility this is practically a no brainer for the colder months. The puffer is easy to layer and can be worn over shirts, tees, jumpers or pretty much any other form of clothing you so desire! Oh and this one from GANT is reversible giving you a royal blue option as well which is pretty damn awesome! I decided to pair the vest up with a light blue denim shirt and sand chinos for a classic preppy look but threw on some woven leather loafers to keep things interesting.

Look 2 - The Statement Jacket

Next in line is the statement jacket, now I'll be honest, yellow isn't really a colour that I usually gravitate towards, but when it comes to statement jackets, it can look pretty radical. Yellow can be a tough one to pair with other items of clothing, so I decided to don some darker hues of blue to really make the yellow pop. Lastly, I went with some white leather sneakers to give the outfit a really fresh look. Just because it's dark and gloomy doesn't mean you have to dress the part! 

Look 3 - The Cable Knit 

Alright, last up we have one of my personal favourites - the cable knit sweater. I've always had a soft spot for cable knit sweaters and definitely have my fair share of them stockpiled in my wardrobe for when the colder weather decides to swing around. Again, another essential item that is perfect for layering and can easily be paired with a shirt and jeans like I have above. You know what? It would probably even go well with the puffer vest from Look 1! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little collaboration with GANT and you'll hear from me real soon! 

- Sam

All imagery is shot by the über talented Jake O'Donnell on his Nikon D7200.