Living the Linen Life

With Summer fast approaching, the one item I'll be constantly clambering for more or less every day is linen. Light, breezy and effortlessly cool, linen really ticks all my Summer staple boxes. Be it a Saturday coffee with friends or a sweltering summers day in the office, nine times out of ten you'll find me draped in Linen. Honestly, over the warmer months, linen is life.

I feel as if linen has made a real resurgence in the past few years and honestly, I think Uniqlo is to thank for the most part! Ever since I picked up my first shirt three years ago at a Uniqlo linen event, I've noticed them pop up left right and centre. I'm surprised it took so long for them to gather traction to be honest, linen is so well suited to the Australian lifestyle and climate, I feel like it's a bit of a no brainer! 


Shot mid lunch break in a cafe just down the road from my office, this ensemble above is a quintessential summer look for myself and many others who are fans of the classic preppy style. To steer a little away from the nautical aesthetic that usually underpins most of my preppy looks, I decided to pair it up with some light green shorts from Uniqlo and dark brown boat shoes from Sperry . I feel like it makes it a little more safari-esque and a little less salty sea dog – but hey maybe that's just me.


Although I mostly throw on the linen shirts when it's warmer than warm, sometimes layering with linen can also be an option. The look above is one of my favourite that I've put together in a while, in fact, had I have not forgotten my white shorts, I never would have thought of pairing it with tan for some reason. We snapped this look just after table hunting for the office in a little laneway just outside the office once again. I tell you what, working in Fitzroy is such a game changer! So close to everything and every street is a photographers dream! Now, back to the look before I keep rambling on about our office. The leather sunglasses cord from Pacifico Optical really tops off the look in my opinion, when paired with the TBD eyewear frames, it makes for a dangerous combination. 

If you like the look of anything above, I'm head to toe in Uniqlo gear and it's all available in store now! 

This post was proudly sponsored by Uniqlo and shot by Max Kruse.