One Jacket, Two Ways

If there's one thing I've been really big on lately since moving house and downsizing my wardrobe, it's been versatility. Most of the rest of my casual wardrobe I had taken versatility into account but for some reason I never really used to factor this into my purchases when it came to suiting. If I liked something, I bought it. Simple. I never really factored in whether or not it will fit in well with the rest of my wardrobe let alone if I could even pair it up with my casual clothes! 

So in light of this recent discovery, I decided to showcase the versatility of the humble work suit jacket with Country Road and dragged my good friend Justin Monacco along for the ride. 

Look 1: business as usual 

As the heading so aptly states, these first looks mean business. Both looks are a youthful take on a classic business look, however would be equally as comfortable in the boardroom as they would at the races or any other formal summer event upcoming on your calendar! 

Justin wears a dark grey suiting staple, paired with a bengal stripe shirt and yellow polkadot tie. To keep things season specific, he threw on some of his own loafers (no socks of course). I popped on a baby blue suit with a light blue glenplaid check shirt and pattern clashed the ensemble with a striped brown and navy rep tie. Following in Justin's footsteps, I went with some brown tasseled loafers and a belt to match. 

Both looks available online and in store at Country Road.

So now that we have the classic suiting look out of the way, we can move on to the creative stuff and find a way to dress down that business suit to give off an effortlessly casual feel. 

Look 2: dressed down and weekend-ready

Firstly, yes, we did happen to both unintentionally match our shoes with both looks, at the end of the day I guess it means that one of us has a good fashion sense, right? So matching footwear aside, both of these looks are super easy to throw together and are absolutely all-round winners in my opinion! 

Justin's casual ensemble is really just as simple as throwing the blazer over the top of of your stock standard jeans and t-shirt look. Simple, yet super effective. The same argument can really be made for my more preppy look as well quite frankly. Pop on a polo with your favourite chinos, pair the polo with the baby blue blazer and viola! You've got a nice casual take on suit a suit separate look that you may not have considered otherwise! The reason why I love this look is that the polo makes it a little more formal than if I was wearing a t-shirt, however is informal enough that it still seems casual at the same time. I'm all about blending fashions formalities. 

So if you have a spare suit lying around the house or haven't considered wearing your jacket outside of work hours, hopefully this blog post has given you some inspiration to mix things up a little, after all, whats life without a little variety anyway? 

This article was proudly sponsored by Country Road and shot by Jake O'Donnell