Febuary Fragrance Fix - Azzaro Wanted

The Azzaro Wanted man is youthful and rebellious. He takes chances, trusts his instincts and lives life as he pleases. This charismatic gentleman is wanted by women and envied by men, he is free-spirited and lives life on his own terms - a game changer. He boldly takes risks with complete confidence and dares to be different... Are you an Azzaro man? 

When I first unpackaged this fragrance and noted the rotating cylinder bottle, I knew that Azzaro Wanted was going to be a bold scent. Although the fragrance definitely does pack a punch, it is surprisingly fresh and zesty at first, and then notes of lemon, tonka bean and juniper collide to give it a refreshing kick. After a while, the tang of the lemon settles down making way for a much more warm woody-amber like trail. The evolution of this scent over time is what really stands out for me and I feel that it is a perfect summer fragrance. It definitely deserves its spot on my fragrance shelf. 

If you are interested in trying this fragrance out yourself, it's available in store in both Myer and David Jones.


What I'm wearing: 

Imagery shot by Karen Woo, this was a sponsored post in collaboration with Max Media Lab.