All-American Tailoring // ft. Brooks Brothers

As you all would know by now, I'm big on both my preppy American attire and my MTM suiting. So when Brooks Brothers tailoring hit the shores of Australia back in November last year you can bet your bottom dollar that I was one of the first to get in on the action! After much deliberation with the head tailor, we decided to go for a timeless classic - the brown linen suit.  


As you can see above, they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The linen is still quite stiff and will have to be worn in a few more times before it gets that classic linen suiting feel, but nevertheless it still looks and feels amazing on. To keep that traditional American tailoring feel to it all, I threw on a classic Brooks Brothers striped oxford with a navy tie and braces, channeling some serious mid 19th century vibes. 

Although brown suiting isn't prevalent in recent times, especially in Australia, this traditional Ivy League style of suiting truly does stand the test of time. Many may scoff and say that it's too retro or is your classic middle management kind of suit, but brown suiting isn't as limiting as some may believe. In fact, a brown suit can be worn in essentially the same way as your stock standard navy suit. For those less inclined to the preparatory style of dress, you could just as easily opt for a crisp white shirt and some light tan brogues and you're on your way!  

Feeling like the brown hues just aren't for you? Not to worry! The benefit of the Brooks Brothers MTM is that almost every fabric imaginable is on hand. It took me over 2 hours to flick through their fabric samples from the myriad of fabric heavyweights before deciding on this brown linen number. So, I can guarantee that there is something for everyone, should you decide to test out the new Brooks Brothers MTM service. 

What I'm wearing: