Autumn Layers // ft. Uniqlo

With the cooler weather finally rolling in over Melbourne, we can finally look at getting into some serious layering - and boy am I looking forward to it! Well... For the few days I have left in Aus before I head over to London that is. 

 Look 1:  Duffle  |  Vest  |  Turtleneck  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  

Look 1: Duffle | Vest | Turtleneck | Jeans | Shoes 

For the first look I went for a 'classic Sam' vibe, something you would definitely see me wearing a whole lot over the winter months. I'm a big fan of mixing my Autumn tones with winter blues and to be honest, I wear them year round regardless of the seasons. #rebel

This second look is definitely more avant-garde compared to what I usually wear, but I always make a point of trying new things and pairing together clothing that I may not usually think to put together and wear personally. It's always fun to experiment in the wardrobe. 

The key pieces of both of these looks for me are the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down vests, again, something I would have never really looked into layering with, I've always seen the puffer vest as an outer layer kind of garment, so playing around with throwing it under a parka in the first look was most enjoyable. Then with the second look, a grey puffer to me looked like something out of Star Trek and 100% would be something that not even 6 months ago I would have walked straight past without a second glance yet when layered with this monochromatic look it really is the cherry on top. Isn't it funny how your personal taste in fashion can constantly change yet still feel inherently you? 

This Post was a collaboration between M.O.S and Uniqlo AU and was shot by Jake O'Donnell and his Nikon D7200.