Melbourne, it's Good to be Home!

After spending my last week in Europe in sun-drenched Italy it was definitely a shock to the system coming back to Melbourne winter in full swing. Unlike most Melbournians I find the chill of winter somewhat comforting, growing up in the hills I think I've become accustomed to the cold and find myself thinking of home whenever I feel the winter chill kick in. So as I say goodbye to my little European getaway and hello to Australian winter it is only fitting to kick off my latest collaboration with Uniqlo by layering up as much as humanly possible! 


This month my collaboration is focusing on the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch denim range, I picked up a pretty nifty pair of Loakes on sale in London that you may have spied in my previous post and I'm really digging how much they can change an entire outfit. When paired with the jeans they really make the outfit in my opinion, adding to the overall military vibe that the bomber jacket gives off yet with a street-style twist. I threw the cable knit in there to really keep things interesting, the clashing of so many different styles of dress is something I have been really interested in since reading F*ck Ivy by Mark McNairy, which for all you fashionistas out there, is quite the read!