Kensington Caffeine Fix | Uniqlo

First off, I know it may seem odd to wear a jumper in the middle of Summer in Australia, but London isn't exactly known for its scorching summers like us Aussies are used to. I mean, it's literally classified as a heatwave if it's over 24 degrees two days in a row over here. How cute.

Luckily for me, I knew this would be the case, and just like any Australian would, I packed a pretty solid winter wardrobe just to be on the safe side. Doubly lucky because this months collaboration with Uniqlo focused on their HEATTECH collection, a winter essential that proved to be just as at home in British summer as Australian winter. When you're packing for a three month holiday abroad and have one medium sized suitcase, every item is thoughtfully packed; the last thing you want is to pack something that you wont wear, like the Hawaiian shirt I decided to bring along. Unlike the Hawaiian shirt, the sweater and long sleeve tee from the HEATTECH range that I packed most definitely earned their place in my suitcase a thousand times over. The former of which kept me nice and toasty whilst enjoying my morning coffee and walk around Kensington. 

Look 1: Shirt | HEATTECH Sweater | Chinos | Sunglasses | Ring

The real winner though is the long sleeve tee, perfect for lounging around and equally at home out and about. The HEATTECH fabric captures body moisture and converts it into heat keeping you warm all day round, something that my other half quickly realised. Fortunately I managed to pries it off her for the shoot below, although I doubt she will let it out of her sight again.  

Look 2: Vest | HEATTECH Tee | Chinos | Watch 

Although it may not be up there for balmy weather, London definitely trumps Melbourne when it comes to their rich history and amazing architecture, something which I will definitely miss upon returning home. Unfortunately my little foray overseas is coming to an end and I'll be heading back to Australia within the next few weeks. Although it will be a big reality check coming back to the land of Aus, I couldn't be more excited to get home. There's some exciting collaborations coming up in the next few months which should make the latter half of 2017 bigger and better than ever so stay tuned! 

This was a sponsored collaboration between M.O.S and Uniqlo AU shot by Rupert Laycock on his Cannon MKIV.