Uniqlo x JW Anderson

A collection deeply inspired by traditional British garments, the second collaboration between J.W. Anderson and Uniqlo has finally  dropped in-store and we couldn’t be more excited. 

London-based J.W. Anderson is at the forefront of innovation in the fashion scene and this latest UNIQLO Lifewear collection is no exception. The collection perfectly blends utilitarian functionality with quality materials resulting in a one of a kind capsule that transcends regular seasonality.


The first garment that really caught my eye was the pocket-sized parka the muted tonal, block colours work so well together that couples with the water resistant shell makes it the perfect companion for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather – especially coming into these colder months. 


The second garment that really caught my attention was the retro-inspired knitted polo, the knitted polo only really caught my attention last summer when I was looking for alternatives to its regular counterpart. Since then, it’s been an absolute staple in my year-round wardrobe. Perfect on its own, and equally at home layered under jackets and blazers.

For the bottom half, I went for the relaxed leg, drawstring pant. Wide leg pants are making a massive comeback, usually I’m not the biggest fan I feel they usually accentuate the fact my legs are literally tree trunks. Luckily for me my large legs don’t take centre stage when wearing these pants. I’m expecting to get good wear out of these lounging around our office in Fitzroy, and travelling abroad on our long haul flights to Europe next month.

The challenge of incorporating something I find subjectively unconventional into my wardrobe used to be something I took pride in back in the day, but I realised that lately I’ve been playing it safe a little too much. I enjoying incorporate items of clothing and accessories into my looks that push my personal fashion boundaries and take me out of my comfort zone. 

I’ve never been a big fan of the humble tote bag, mostly because I’m used to bags that can be closed easily and thrown around without anything falling out the openness of the tote bag is not something I’ve ever found appealing, even when heading to the beach. So if you’d told me before seeing the collection that I’d walk out of Uniqlo with a tote bag covered in seagulls - it happens to be my least favourite avian variety - I probably would have laughed, then complimented your witty sense of humour. Congratulations J.W. Anderson, you have me eating my words and for that, I commend you. 


This article is proudly sponsored Uniqlo Australia, shot by Max Kruse with his Cannon 5D MKIV and modelled by myself.