Morris Motley - The Bespoke Barber

It has been three months now since I first met Rob Mason. He's the man behind one of Melbourne's top Men's Hair Cutting Studios - Morris Motley. After touching base via social media, I dropped in for a trim and to see what all the hype was about. The place definitely didn't disappoint. Tucked away in a renovated warehouse in Richmond, the studio is strewn with science themed decor and even has its own chemistry lab which really got my inner nerd excited.

After chatting for 10 minutes or so, I started to realise why this guy has a waiting list on par with the MCC! The man can cut hair. But not only can he cut hair, he takes into consideration your facial structure to personally tailor your haircut and really take it to the next level. This incredible attention to detail is what has earned Rob his reputation, and rightfully so. Along with his bespoke cuts, Rob also has a line of men's haircare products that have been meticulously formulated with the assistance of well known Australian Chemist - Richard Parker. The result? Two high-quality products, The Morris Motley Styling Balm, and Treatment Cleansing Oil. 

The Styling Balm, pictured below, has a weightless, matte look that doesn't make the hair greasy. It offers a firm, yet pliable hold that works well with any hair type or length.

In addition to the Styling Balm, Rob has formulated a Treatment Cleansing Oil that both cleans, and nourishes the scalp and hair with the use of active ingredients that are found naturally in both human hair and skin.

Over the next few months, Rob and myself will begin collaborating on a few exciting projects that will look at combining both grooming and fashion advice and tips together to form a more holistic perspective. Get excited!