Gentsac - The Ultimate Grooming Subscription Service

Now we all know about the rise in men's subscription services over the past few years. Many of these services centre in on accessories such as ties, pocket squares, socks, lapel pins - essentially you name it and you'll find it in a subscription box. In the past few years, men have really been stepping up their fashion game which has naturally led to an increased interest in the men's grooming market. 

After noticing the lack of premium men's grooming subscription based services, Shira Linker decided to dive head first into unchartered territories and in 2015 she founded GentSac (pronounced Gent-Sack). Since its conception, GentSac has been growing in leaps and bounds and caught the attention of many noteworthy media outlets and men's fashion bloggers including myself so I knew I had to check it out! 

Earlier this year I caught up with Shira at her new store in Sydney to talk all things men's grooming and put together my own tailored subscription package, after taking the time to talk through my skin routine (or lack thereof) Shira quickly pointed me in the right direction and hand picked out some key items to test drive along with a bunch of products to help form my morning routine. 

The below gallery is a list of all the products that I gave a test run. I have to say, overall, I am really impressed with her carefully curated selection of brands and will definitely be looking into arranging another pack when my grooming essentials run out! If it wasn't for Shira, I most definitely wouldn't have the morning skincare routine that I have now and for that I can't thank her enough! So gentlemen, go ahead and treat yourself, head over to her website and grab yourself a GentSac ASAP!